Jarrod Fritz, Licensed Massage Therapist


Outcall treatments: available with additional travel & set-up fees

Everyone is created differently and unique; therefore, requiring specific needs to support their health and wellness. People may have similar symptoms of their conditions and ailments, but due to that unique nature they will need a specialized treatment to optimize the outcomes of their goals.

At DEFINED: Therapeutic Massage, a customized treatment plan will be designed specifically to YOUR needs. Following your complementary postural analysis, an integrative massage will be administered to treat your specific issues as thoroughly and efficiently as possible!

Some ask what is INTEGRATIVE MASSAGE? It's simple, think of a tool belt with a large quantity of tools, you won't use all the tools all the time, but only when they are needed. Integrative massage is the same way, it's a combination of many different techniques used at the right time for the right conditions and issues.

Tools available for YOUR treatment:

~ Swedish Massage ~ Myofascial Release
~ Trigger Point Therapy ~ Sports Massage
~ Active Isolated Stretching ~ PNF Stretching
~ Range of Motion Testing ~ Postural Analysis
~ Applied Kinesiology ~ Deep Tissue Treatment
~ Counter Strain Technique
~ Kinesio Taping


Pricing: a great way to invest in YOU and YOUR health and well-being!

* 45 mins: $65.00
* 60 mins: $80.00
* 75 mins: $90.00
* 90 mins: $105.00